Great Ocean Road

Visiting the Great Ocean Road was always going to be one of our highlights. The Sunrises and the Sunsets were not the most amazing but the experiencer of witnessing the seascapes did not disappoint.

We camped in Princetown close to one of the main tourist attractions on the Great Ocean Road - The Twelve Apostoles, The viewing stands also proved to be the most difficult spots to capture an image without the camera been shaken on its tripod. However with a little patience your sure to capture some great images. Early morning was best to capture the amazing Twelve Apostles.

It was a great time to test my new NISI filters.

Soft Grad ND 4, 6 Stop ND & the CPL.

The glass filters were easy to clean when compared to the LEE filters I had been using for a number of years. The colour cast from the 6 stopper is almost non-existent . It does however require patience to attach the very thin CPL to the adaptor.

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